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Humanitarian flight sends aid to Beirut

45 tonnes of products donated by Maltese companies and the general public have been flown to Beirut in the wake of the explosion that killed more than 200 and devastated the Lebanese capital.

Fire breaks out in Zaha Hadid-designed building in Beirut

The shopping mall, Beirut Souks, in downtown Beirut was the work of the late Iraq-born British architect, Zaha Hadid.

Emirates launches airbridge between Dubai and Lebanon

Dedicates over 50 flights to deliver much needed emergency relief support.

Watch: “Lebanon was the jewel of the Middle East, but now...

Hany is behind the group of chefs from Malta who have recently arrived back from Beirut, Lebanon where they helped feed some of the many thousands displaced by the recent blast.

Macron pledges support to Lebanon if country commits to reforms

Emmanuel Macron pledged to support and assist Lebanon if the country enacts the needed reforms and bring to end the corruption in the country.
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Lebanon declares three days of national mourning

135 persons have been reported death following the explosion at the city’s port. Over 5,000 persons were injured while tens were reported missing. Meanwhile over 250,000 persons ended homeless.

Beirut port officials under house arrest

A number of Beirut port officials are under house arrest as rescue efforts continue in Beirut in the aftermath of Tuesday’s explosion.

Apocalyptical scenes in Beirut – Maltese Jesuit Provincial in Lebanon

Fr Michael Zammit Mangion Jesuit Provincial for the Near-East and Maghreb Province said that the current scene in Beirut is an apocalyptical one, a day after an explosion rocked Lebanon’s capital.

200,000 left homeless after Beirut explosion

Over 200,000 persons were left with homes following the deadly explosion which struck Lebanon on Thursday. This data was announced by Beirut's governor Marwan Abboud.

Lebanon’s explosion death toll reaches 100

According to reports aired by local media outlets in Lebanon, the death toll will be higher as rescue operations are underway.