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PN election: Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech only candidates for leadership...

Incumbent leader Adrian Delia and lawyer Bernard Grech were the only candidates to express interest in the Partit Nazzjonalista leadership race when the deadline for submissions closed on Monday afternoon.

Voxpop: Should Adrian Delia stay or resign?

The PN leadership crisis has been dominating most of the local news with many asking the question if PN leader Adrian Delia should step down or not. In the past two weeks, Delia has faced a barrage of criticism by PN MPs who want him out.

‘I want to persuade everyone’ – Delia

"Our style of doing politics is not to silence people, but to persuade them. I am convinced that when you have a goal, you could persuade all those good-willed individuals," he said.

Elcom director Angelito Sciberras resigns

Angelito Sciberras has resigned from the post of director of the Nationalist Party’s electoral Commission, Elcom. Contacted by Newsbook.com.mt Sciberras said that as a new interim Secretary General of the party has been appointed it was his duty to resign. He explained that it is the Secretary General who decides on who should fill the post of Elcom director.

Arrigo says he wants no part in present or future PN

On Sunday, Arrigo wrote that his full resignation letter to Delia will be published in its entirety in the party newspaper on Tuesday. He pointed out that the letter is dated 8 February. He also said that his last day as deputy leader will be on 29 March.