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“Unions not considerate and sensitive”; Airmalta to lay off 108 pilots

The extraordinary amount of cancellations, and therefore reimbursements, together with the obligation to continue servicing fixed costs, such as aircraft lease payments, have led the Company to necessitate mitigation of costs, including payroll costs,” said AirMalta in a statement.

Air Malta cabin crew “cannot afford to have doors shut in...

The Air Malta cabin crew has spoken out after several employees were emailed by the company, to be informed that their employment will be terminated by the end of March.

MDA puts forward a set of proposals ‘aimed at supporting families’

In its meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela, the MDA insisted that the state should protect jobs and safeguard those families who found themselves in a very difficult situation. The lobby proposed an increase in the number of free units for both water and electricity bills. It explained that free units which should be given based on the number of residents in every household, should be given until the crisis.