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PM Abela terminates Randolph Debattista job as Labour Party CEO

De Battista was replaced by George Azzopardi.

“Decision on Police Commissioner appointment next week” – Abela

While addressing his followers in Bormla, Abela said that he will offer an olive branch to those who are not willing to cooperate. However, he insisted that decisions will be taken by the Government. He insisted that the changes that have happened so far are a breath of fresh air that is also being felt by the constituted bodies.

Audio: Why did Abela win the PL leadership election?

Robert Abela, who used to be just a Labour Party backbencher, managed to beat the Chris Fearne, who had Joseph Muscat’s Deputy Prime Minister because he focused completely on the party members instead of the whole nation.

Cardona not leaving politics

He said he is also evaluating a number of offers from the private sector and till now he is not excluding any one.

Vox Pop: Robert Abela or Chris Fearne?

Today members of PL elect a new leader

Muscat leads last Cabinet meeting

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat led the last Cabinet meeting together with his Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries in Castille Palace.

“Government should provide affordable rentals”– Fearne

The Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne stated that the Government should provide more affordable rentals.

“RIPN” incident: “I was joking” – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that he was joking when he said "RIPN" during an interview.

“Green corridor linking Paola to Xgħajra” – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne proposed a project that would link the natural zones in the south of Malta.

Make your voice heard on power cuts – PN

PN promises support to those who demand that the Labour government does them justice and give them compensation.