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Schembri files urgent court application requesting release of money to pay...

This week Madam Justice Edwina Grima has issued an order to freeze all assets held by Keith Schembri, his wife and one of his two daughters, among others.

Watch: Police bail period can extend to 3 months – Police...

Fourth person was arrested in money laundering probe

Public has right to be informed about Schembri case – Repubblika

Civil society NGO Repubblika is insisting that the police and the competent authorities have a duty to inform the public about what was happening in the investigations into alleged crimes carried out by Keith Schembri at others.

Pressure by civil society led to action against Schembri – Giegold

Sven Giegold's take on the latest developments

Judge orders investigation into leak of order freezing Schembri’s assets

Judge Edwina Grima has ordered a police investigation into the leak of her order for the freezing of assets of former chief of staff at Castille Keith Schembri, top brass at Nexia BT and various people and companies linked to them, highlighting that the leak was a criminal offence.

Watch: Keith Schembri out on police bail

Former chief of staff at Castille Keith Schembri is being interrogated by the Police, Newsbook.com.mt is informed.

Malta submits a fresh ‘complete’ request for information on 17 Black...

The request was received on 24 August according to PN MEP David Casa

Don’t just blame Yorgen Fenech

Many had suspected for a very long time that the Electrogas deal smelled of corruption.

Muscat denies knowing Schembri was involved in Caruana Galizia assassination

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has denied claims made by Yorgen Fenech, the businessman accused of ordering the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, during his interrogation, which emerged in Court earlier in the day.

NAO contradicts Keith Schembri’s sworn claim he was only contacted last...

The National Audit Office has contradicted a claim Keith Schembri made in an affidavit, stating that it delivered correspondence to him a week before he claimed to have received it.