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28 bed ward for coronavirus patients at Karin Grech

Patients who are referred from Mater Dei Hospital are admitted to Karin Grech Hospital after they test negative for coronavirus. The patients are then monitored for symptoms for two weeks prior to being released into general wards.

Watch: No decision on renegotiation of hospitals’ deal contract yet –...

Prime Minister Robert Abela was asked about Newsbook.com.mt, whether the government intends on renegotiating aspects of the deal or pull out of the contract altogether, the Prime Minister said that he was doing a thorough stock take of the situation.

MUMN temporarily lifts directives at Karin Grech Hospital

Directive on ambulation of patients which were in force at Karin Grech Hospital will be temporarily lifted between 25 and 28 December, the Malta Union For Midwives and Nurses said in a statement on Tuesday.

41 years later, Karin Grech murder remains unsolved

It has been 41 years since Karin Grech was killed by a parcel bomb. The case goes back to 28 December 1977 and has...

Ex-PL Minister Vincent Moran passes away at 86

Ex-Minister and doctor Vincent Moran died at 86 years-old at Karin Grech Hospital, which he himself had inaugurated on the 11th November 1979.In a...