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Encyclical special 1: Fraternity in deeds not just words

On Saturday October 4 the feast of St Francis of Assisi Pope Francis’ visited Assisi to sign his third Encyclical Letter “Fratelli tutti”.

Cabinet approves amendments to strengthen the notarial profession

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis who put forward the amendments said that these were proposed following a consultation with the Notarial Council as well as the Chief Notary of Government. The minister will now initiate the parliamentary process to bring the bill forward in order to amend the law.

“There shouldn’t be a safer place than home”

People have signed the petition iniated by Newsbookcom.mt which was formulated following the tragedy happened on Monday in Ħamrun when Miriam Pace died in the rubble after her house collapsed due to ongoing construction works adjacent to her house.

Rule of law concerns highlighted to PM Abela

The Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Pieter Omtzigt has met with Prime Minister Robert Abela. During this meeting Omtzigt brought up to the discussion the Venice Commission recommendations and why the Maltese Government is taking long to implement.

“Are we against criminality, murder and corruption?” – Evarist Bartolo

In his daily writing on Facebook, Minister Evarist Bartolo stated that the good name of our country does not depend on what we preach, but on how matters are handled by top government officials, referring to the Prime Minister and his Ministers who ultimately have the power in hand.

Peace is based on truth and justice – Bishop Galea-Curmi

Interior peace can only be achieved if one lives in truth and seeks justice. This was the assessment made by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi on 103 Malta’s Heart as a ‘resolution’ for the New Year.

#OccupyJustice end of year protest

The determination of #occupyjustice to continue fighting for truth and justice even during the festive season

Corruption kills more people than wars – Matthew Caruana Galizia

Caruana Galizia was in Madrid for an event during which Reporters Without Borders presented their annual worldwide round up of deadly violence and abusive treatment of journalists.

Protest required no permit

The police said that while civil society groups had always applied for permits before planned protests, they did not do so when they joined Republic Day activities

Let us build our country anew – Adrian Delia

Dr Adrian Delia, leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista said that his party is open for dialogue with all those who have the common good at heart to find a way of building our country anew.