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Parliament approves constitutional amendment raising retirement age of judiciary

Judges and magistrates may choose to retire at 68 instead of the present mandatory age of 65 on the strength of a new proposed amendment to the Constitution that was unanimously approved in Parliament in its second reading on Monday evening.

Retirement age for judges and magistrates set to rise to 68

A proposed amendment to the Constitution of Malta would allow judges and magistrates to retire at the age of 68 instead of the present mandatory retirement age of 65.

Chief Justice calls for increase of members to the bench; review...

Addressing fellow members of the judiciary, Chief Justice Chetcuti who was appointed in April, spoke about the need to increase the number of members appointed to the bench, the amending of laws which would remove unnecessary bureaucratic procedures, and reviewing the law course to offer a specialised law course for potential litigators who are on the decrease.

A judge is at peace when delivering a fair judgment –...

Mass on the opening of the Forensic Year

COVID-19 fine amnesty is an insult to the judiciary – Arnold...

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola stated that the Prime Minister's decision to give amnesty to those who incurred fines after breaking COVID-19 social distancing regulations is an insult to the judiciary.

Venice Commission to hold consultations with civil society over judicial appointment...

The Venice Commission will be holding consultations directly with civil society over the judicial appointment reform before it replies to the Government about the advice the latter is seeking.

Repubblika shocked Parliament approved judiciary appointment before consultation

NGO Repubblika said that it was shocked to hear that Parliament approved of a resolution regarding the appointment of members of the judiciary, when Parliament has not yet seen what kind of system it will be.

Government, opposition reach agreement on judicial appointments reform

The government and opposition have agreed on how to appoint members of the judiciary – including the Chief Justice – in the future, Newsbook.com.mt can confirm.

Cassola asks watchdog to investigate Judge Antonio Mizzi over middleman claims

In a sworn testimony in court, Theuma said that disgraced former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, had approached former judge Antonio Mizzi at Joseph Muscat’s behest to arrange for bail to be given to the three men accused of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Spain’s government under fire for blurring lines between executive and judiciary

The appointment could "create the appearance of a link with the executive branch that does not contribute to the perception of the judiciary's independence."