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Muscat does u-turn on gift list

Days after stepping down as a prime minister, Muscat told the Sunday Times of Malta that he "had no intention" of publishing the list, despite having told the media that he would do so late last year.

‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia

Nothing will change with the election of the new Partit Laburista leader, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Saturday.

‘Daphne paid the highest price, not Muscat’ – PN

In a statement, Partit Nazzjonalista remarked that Muscat refrained from mentioning the corruption which festered under his watch and state capture.

Cassola calls for an investigation into preferential treatment for Fenech

Arnold Cassola has asked the Commission Against Corruption to investigate whether Yorgen Fenech was granted preferential treatment in several projects in which he was directly involved himself or as part of Tumas Group.

Delia asks Hyzler to investigate Dubai trip; “Willing to collaborate” –...

Delia demands information related to the Prime Minister's trip to Dubai which cost around €20,000

“I will give all the necessary space to the new leader”

The Prime Minister appealed to all members of the Labour Party to vote and then give all their support to the elected leader.

Muscat leads last Cabinet meeting

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat led the last Cabinet meeting together with his Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries in Castille Palace.

Fenech’s wine gift to Muscat to be investigated by Standards Commissioner

Standards Commissioner George Hyzler will be looking into the wines given to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat by Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech at the former’s birthday party.

‘Who is paying for Muscat’s luxurious travels?’ – PN

After recent news showed that the Prime Minister is currently in London, following travels to Bethlehem and Dubai, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) has asked the Prime Minister to explain how these travels are being funded.

Schembri returns his diplomatic passport – Govt

The Government of Malta has declared that disgraced Chief of Staff Keith Schembri has returned his diplomatic passport.