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MP Ivan Bartolo to give up his parliamentary seat for Bernard...

“My seat in parliament was entrusted to me by the constituents of the 9th district. This is a privilege I would never take for granted,” said Bartolo.

Increasing exploitation of foreign workers in illegal employment

JobsPlus statistics suggest a clear trend when it comes to unscrupulous employers exploiting undocumented workers: a shift from the illegal employment of Maltese workers to that of foreign nationals.

Fewer than 5 breathalyser tests a week carried out

A total of 350 breathalyser tests were carried out on motorists in Malta between January 2019 and June 2020, figures tabled in Parliament show.

231 individuals in pre-trial detention

The total prison population stands at 786, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri replied to a parliamentary question by Opposition MP Ivan Bartolo. 555 are serving a prison sentence.

Watch: PN proposes further COVID-19 measures

The Nationalist Party addresses a press conference on the developments on COVID-19

Two new MPs sworn in

Ivan J. Bartolo and David Thake are Malta’s two newest MPs after being formally sworn in at the start of today’s parliamentary sitting.

Thake and Bartolo win a seat in Parliament

David Thake and Ivan Bartolo will replace Simon Busuttil and Marthese Portelli in Parliament as they have won seats on the 12th and 9th district following a casual election held today.

Malta becoming a ‘foodbank country’ – Bartolo

The Nationalist MP Ivan Bartolo has said that Malta has became Foodbank country.The MP said this during the debate...

Youths request a state of emergency on climate change

The Malta Youth Council asked Parliament to declare a state of state of emergency over climate change. This request was made on Wednesday on...

PN Parliamentary Group meeting to discuss next steps

The Nationalist Party’s Parliamentary Group are meeting at PN’s Headquarters in Dar Centrali this afternoon.Details of what will be discussed have not been disclosed,...