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Italian foreign policy flounders amidst Libyan blunders

"Our politicians don't pay enough attention to foreign policy and they are paying the price for it." Arturo Varvelli

Italy PM says ‘serious negligence’ found in bridge collapse

Atlantia's Autostrade, which manages Italy's biggest motorway network, has denied any wrongdoing and said it always acted in compliance with its obligations.

Six German tourists killed by suspected drunk driver in Italy

The 27-year-old driver of the car, who failed a breath test for alcohol, has been arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, the police spokesman said.

Former Maltese diplomat investigated in Italy

Maltese Professor and former diplomat Joseph Mifsud, a fugitive alleged to have been the link between the Russian Government and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, is being investigated in Italy.

Italy and Mexico with a bold response to Climate Crisis

Two pioneering countries today committed to stepped-up climate and environmental education in order to equip a new generation with the knowledge, awareness and skills needed to navigate the emerging challenges of the 21st C.

Italian motorway bridge collapses; no casualties reported

Heavy rain caused a landslide

Italian ‘sardines’ take on Salvini

"We want to show we can defeat the dragon of populism with ideas, with our brains," said Mattia Santori, 32, one of four young Italians who dreamt up the so-called 6000-Sardines group.

Men falsify passports to flee Malta; sent to prison

Three men from Bangladesh have been sentenced to six months imprisonment after they confessed to falsifying three passports and other documents in...

Venice braces for another devastating high tide

Venice braced for another devastating high tide on Friday morning as the lagoon city struggled with the wreckage left by the biggest surge of...

More than 6.3 million passengers at MIA

More than 6.3 million passengers were welcomed at the Malta International Airport between January and October. The airport registered a 6.7% increase...