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Eight children, nineteen teens died after contracting Covid-19 in Italy

From over 52,000 deaths, 8 children, 19 teens died after contracting Covid-19 in Italy

Covid-19 deaths surge in Spain and Italy

Spain recorded 537 new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, while Italy reported a further 853 deaths.

First cases of Covid-19 in Italy were registered before originally thought

This breakthrough discovery indicates that COVID-19 might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought.

Italy registers 37,255 new Covid-19 cases

The country has also registered 544 coronavirus-related deaths.

Italy reports 37,978 new Covid-19 cases and 636 deaths

Italy has reported 1.066 million coronavirus infections and 45,589 deaths to date.

Italy’s hospitals close to collapse – doctors warn

On Wednesday, Italy, one of the European countries hit hardest by COVID-19, surpassed the one-million infections mark.

Italy’s government strengthens its protective measures against Covid-19

The ratio of positive cases to the total number of swabs taken was 17.1%.

32,616 new coronavirus cases registered in Italy

Italy has reported 32,616 cases on Sunday, compared to the 39,811 the previous day.

Italy registers 30,550 new cases; 4 regions in partial lockdown

The new measures will be in place until 3 December.

Italy records over 22,000 new Covid-19 cases; More measures to be...

The number of patients in intensive care rose above 2,000. The amount is higher than when Italy went into a nationwide lockdown during the first wave.