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73 people fined for gathering in groups of more than 3...

The prohibition of groups of more than 3 people in public places will rise to more than 4 persons as from Monday. Groups over four individuals who are not from the same household will be liable to a fine of €100 per person.

No one caught breaching social distancing rules

During 613 inspections which were carried out in the last 24 hours no one was caught breaking obligatory quarantine.

No one caught breaching obligatory quarantine after 665 inspections

Five individuals were each fined €100 after they gathered in a group in public. Public gatherings of more than three individuals who are not from the same household have been banned by the health authorities in order to curb the spread of the virus.

5 persons caught breaking quarantine

New total stands at 40

Person breaches mandatory quarantine twice

A person who breached the mandatory quarantine regulation twice, was fined €6,000, according to Government procedure.

Environmental Health Directorate confiscates storm-caught fish

Fish caught by amateur fishermen after being washed up due to waves caused by the heavy storm yesterday were confiscated by the Environmental Health...