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New parking for 300 vehicles at Għadira

The project will be carried out with an investment of more than €800,000 from the Tourism Ministry and Consumer Protection's eco-contribution scheme while the works will be implemented by Projects Plus Ltd.

A new cycling track between Żabbar and Marsascala

A new segregated pedestrian and cycling track will be built between Żabbar and Marsascala, Infrastructure Malta said on Saturday.

Permits to uproot trees at Manoel Island, Xlendi renewed

In a statement on Saturday, the Environment and Resources Authority said that it considered six applications for environmental permits during a board sitting the day before.

Vox Pop: Many don’t feel safe at home with construction works...

Speaking to Newsbook.com.mt a respondent said that people find themselves seeking self-redress since no action is taken by the relevant authorities. The man said that even last year's reform left a number of loopholes.

Woman found dead under debris

The Police had confirmed that a woman in her fifties, Miriam Pace, has been trapped under the debris after a building has collapsed in Ħamrun. The woman’s husband and other family members are present at the scene.

PN says government needs a long-term plan on tourism

The Partit Nazzjonalista said that the government is not giving due importance to the quality of tourists which visit Malta.

St Francis Square to be opened in time for summer –...

The square was closed off to traffic due to ongoing road works.

Pre-qualification questionnaire for Gozo tunnel issued

Duration of the concession, details on tolls and other fees will be decided later

Fearne and Abela should halt Central Link works – PN

Leadership hopefuls Fearne and Abela are no different from the previous leadership if they fail to denounce the ongoing works, Partit Nazzjonalista said.

Infrastructure Malta forges ahead with works in Wied Qirda; “in flagrant...

Infrastructure Malta has forged ahead with works in Wied Qirda, insisting that its job is to restore a public road that collapsed,...