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Is immigration an evil or a blessing?

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi discusses all this and more on Saturday at 10:00am during the programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103.

‘Let’s look at integration from a democratic perspective’ – Dr Francois...

In his first program on 103 on the 12th September, Andrew Azzopardi discusses the challenges faced by the community due to this phenomenon.

90 people jailed in a month for using fake documents

In the past weeks, the number of fake documents being used increased at an alarming rate, in an unexpected effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsbook editorial reproduced on Adamah Media magazine

A spokesperson for Adamah Media said that though it is not the policy of Adamah Media to reproduce articles printed in other websites they decided to make an exception because of the nature of the editorial.

Europe stop betraying yourself

Robust measures, nay even extreme ones, against the Commission and other Member States will surely find the support of all the people of Malta.

Don’t use coronavirus to halt immigration – Bishops to Trump

President Trump’s executive order temporarily halting immigration because of the job market and coronavirus has been strongly criticised by the Catholic Bishops of the United States.

Watch: Vatican in contact with Maltese govt; Pope receives letter by...

Archbishop Charles Scicluna answering questions by Fr Joe Borg about the controversy on the subject that raged these past days.

Group of 70 migrants to be brought to Malta

A group of around 70 migrants will be allowed to disembark in Malta.

Guarantee healthcare access to migrant coronavirus patients – NGOs

A group of NGOs have urged the Government to guarantee migrants testing positive for the coronavirus to be given access to healthcare irrespective of their immigration status.