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FAA calls on authorities to plan for a better post-coronavirus Malta

Instead of taking stock of the new situation, during the pandemic, the construction industry continued with business as usual, FAA said, noting that excavations continued causing great distress to people who are stuck at home during the pandemic.

Watch: Illegal dumping at Mtaħleb; ERA issues stop and compliance order

The Rabat Police Station was informed of what was happening and a policeman was sent to the area.

White substance leads to shut down of Gozo sewage plant

The Water Services Corporation said that an unidentified white substance was illegally discharge into the system.

No one charged with illegally dumping construction waste in Ta’ Qali...

Opposition MP Ryan Callus observed that no one has been charged in connection to the illegal dumping of construction waste in Ta'...

Watch: Truck caught on camera dumping white goods

Fridges and other white goods were dumped onto a facility run by Wasteserv in Tal-Balal. The truck which was loaded with goods...

The ‘80,000 trees for Ta’ Qali project’ re-announced

Government has re-announced the major clean up and maintenance project which will give the family picnic area in Ta’ Qali a “much needed”...

16,000 tons of illegal waste removed in 2018

Minister Owen Bonnici said that more than 16,000 tons of illegally dumped waste was removed by the Cleansing and Maintenance Division in 2018.During a...

‘Illegal dumping in Ta’ Qali moved to Siġġiewi’ – PD

The Partit Demokratiku said that the illegal dumping of waste in Ta' Qali stopped, but it is now happening near the coast close to Siġġiewi.

Photos: Illegal dumping in Ta’ Qali; PA reacts, Police do not

The Planning Authority together with the Environment and Resources Authority have closed off the Ta’ Qali area being used to illegally dump construction waste, which was exclusively unveiled by Newsbook.com.mt in December. Despite this, the Police have still not taken any steps.

Ta’ Qali illegal dumping: Police cover-up?

After 21 days' waiting, and a personal appeal to the Commissioner, no less,  the police corps answered an email by Newsbook.com.mt about illegal dumping of construction...