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Malta Chamber appeals to govt to launch a new IIP scheme

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry made a set of proposals aimed at strengthening the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) to ensure it is consistent with the country’s efforts to consolidate the country’s reputation while ascertaining the highest level of good governance.

Revamp the passport scheme, Malta Chamber tells government

The Malta Chamber has exhorted the government to address the shortcomings in the IIP scheme and replace the system with one that “reflects the enhancements proposed by the Chamber and its working group.

Opposition lists ‘criminals’ who have been given Maltese citizenship

Opposition MP Karol Aquilina laid into government’s due diligence process while speaking in parliament, rubbishing government’s claim that the IIP due diligence process was ‘the best in the industry’. Calling for an inquiry on trading in influence, the MP listed a number of passport billionaires who are facing criminal charges internationally