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Journalists’ institute issues Covid-19 guidelines

The institute has urged journalists to follow the guidelines in order to safeguard their health and that of others.

IĠM slams BA for insisting on censoring journalists’ questions

In a statement on Thursday, the institute noted that the Broadcasting Authority persisted on blaming journalists for their questions, instead of rectifying the error of judgement it made in forcing the PBS into the position of a state broadcaster, effectively providing censored material to its audience.

“Broadcasting Authority is censoring journalists” – IĠM

The Broadcasting Authority (BA) has engaged in state sponsored censorship with regard to forcing the public service broadcaster (PBS) to censor journalists’ questions.

‘Confidentiality of sources is a legal democratic need not a political...

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) has urged party leaders to respect the confidentiality of sources saying that this was a "democratic need not a political luxury".

IĠM condemns Minister Schembri’s “bullying” towards journalist

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) condemned Minister Silvio Schembri's "bullying" tactics towards a journalist who asked him about former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's involvement after being consulted by the Government with regards to the economic impact of coronavirus.

IĠM calls on the PM to hold weekly press conferences

The institute for Maltese journalists, IĠM, has proposed a weekly Press Conference is organised for the sole purpose to let journalists representing all media houses to field questions.

IGM slams TM for not inviting all newsrooms to a press...

The Insititute for Maltese Journalists (IGM) has filed a complaint with Transport Malta as a number of newsrooms were not invited to attend for the arrival of the Maltese couple which was board a cruiseliner.

Government should ensure that all those working in journalism will be...

IĠM noted that various European governments were assisting the media sector through financial aid. The institute provided examples of how other governments were helping media houses and freelance journalists during this crisis.

Government is insulting journalists – IĠM

The Institute of Maltese Journalists said that it knows of no protocol which governs Prime Ministerial Press conferences.

“There is no harm in journalists sending questions to the Chief...

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) stated that there is no reason for journalists not to send questions to the Chief Justice....