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Watch: University lecturer discovers a “praying Minister”

Borg appeared on TV show il-Pjazza on Tuesday. A video clip which was widely shared on social media showed an animated Borg appear to let an offensive swear word slip as he explained why he is proud of forming part of the Labour-led government.

Salesian centre in Dingli gets €150,000 refurbishment

A €150,000 refurbishment of the Salesian Youth Centre in Dingli is being carried out by the Public Works Department.

Foundation aimed at upskilling transport employees launched

Due to the 2030 and 2050 strategies for the adoption of greener modes of transport.

Street level changes planned to address seawater flooding in Birżebbuġa

Infrastructure Malta is planning to modify the street levels at St George’s Bay in Birżebbuġa to address longstanding flooding problems, with Transport Minister Ian Borg stating that works would start as soon as a procurement process is concluded.

Online portal for secure use of drones has been launched

This system will also be utilised to make sure that both the implementation and execution of a robust regulation are practiced so that human privacy and data protection are safeguarded. Furthermore, it will make sure that any damage caused to both humans and property is completely avoided.

Watch: FKNK getting Miżieb and Aħrax because they managed them well...

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg insisted that the FKNK hunters’ federation were deservedly being formally handed over the management of the woodlands in Aħrax and Miżieb, stating that they “did a good job” managing them in the past decades.

Legal notice grants opportunity to extend commercial leases on public sites

A legal notice is giving those possessing a commercial emphyteusis with the Lands Authority or the Joint Office which expires by 31 August 2025 with the opportunity to apply for a 65-year extension on the lease.

Borg pledges gradual transition to free bus service

Transport Minister Ian Borg pledged that the bus service would eventually become free of charge for all within a number of years in a bid to promote the use of public transport.

Punic tomb removed from Central Link site for conservation

A Punic-era tomb discovered as a result of excavations related to the Central Link Project in Attard has been removed intact so that it may be conserved, in an operation that cost over €250,000.

Independent MPs seek review of e-scooter regulations

Parliament’s two independent MPs are adamant that regulations governing e-scooters should be eased to encourage their use and reduce people’s reliance on their cars and on fossil fuels in a private member’s bill discussed in Parliament today.