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Hungary to close borders to curb coronavirus infections

Hungary will close its borders on 1 September

MEPs want EU funding to become conditional on respect of rule...

Members of the European Parliament have urged the European Commission and the Council to protect Hungarian citizens and the rule of law as democracy and the fundamental rights are under threat in Hungary.

Top EU court says eastern states broke law by refusing to...

The ruling underscores Europe's bitter divisions over migration, though the three ex-communist nations face no immediate penalty as the relocation of tens of thousands of people agreed by the EU was only envisaged until 2017.

EU warns Hungary not to flout democracy with coronavirus laws

Hungary's parliament on Monday granted Prime Minister Viktor Orban an open-ended right to rule by decree and introduced jail sentences for anyone hindering measures to curb the spread of the virus or spreading false information about the pandemic.

Hungary expects coronavirus epidemic to peak in June-July

Hungary's government expects the coronavirus epidemic to peak in June-July, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said on Thursday, adding this projection was surrounded by great uncertainty.

European mayors urge EU to bypass governments in disbursing funds

The European Union should bypass national governments that flout democratic standards and deal directly with municipalities as they can perform "miracles" in areas such as climate change

Orban to propose diplomat as its new EU Commissioner designate

Hungary is set to propose diplomat Oliver Varhelyi as its member of the EU's executive after the European Parliament blocked the first...

Hungary PM Orban defends his candidate for EU executive

Prime Minister Viktor Orban had several solutions "in his pocket" after Hungary's candidate for the European Commission was rejected, he told state...

Could Malta’s local councils lead in the integration of asylum seekers?

A delegation of Hungarian and Bulgarian representatives has recommended that Malta’s local councils take responsibility for finding solutions to integrate the asylum-seeking...

Silvio Schembri participated in the ITU – Telecom World 2019

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri participated in the ITU – Telecom World 2019, organised by the Permanent Mission...