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Repubblika asks Parliament not to let Maltese down on Steward deal

Non-governmental organisation Repubblika said that as Parliament will be discussing a motion regarding "yet another secret agreement" with regards to the health sector in a few days' time, it is expecting Malta's 67 Members of Parliament to act in the Maltese's best interest, and not protect the corrupt.

Watch: “Do the right thing on the previously state owned hospitals,”...

The press conference will be held at Partit Nazzjonalista's headquarters in Pietà.

Paris hospitals will be swamped within 48 hours after Coronavirus spike:...

A spike in coronavirus patients means hospitals in and around Paris will reach saturation point within 48 hours.

German hospitals with spare capacity to take patients from Italy

Because we stand by our Italian friends. We can only manage this together. German Foreign Minister

‘We’re digging the trenches’: France’s intensive care medics brace for coronavirus...

France now has nearly 20,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll stands at around 860. Two in every five of the country's 5,000 intensive car beds are already occupied by coronavirus patients.

EU to buy medical equipment for hospitals

The European Commission has set up a scheme to gather medical equipment so that the necessary supplies to combat coronavirus can quickly get to member states facing shortages of equipment.

CSN calling for a temporary nationalisation of private hospitals

The Civil Society Network (CSN) is calling for private hospitals to be temporarily nationalised under public control so that the numbers of beds can be increased in preparation for the increase of coronavirus cases.

Belgium to unlock €1 billion for hospitals

Belgium's newly formed federal government will provide 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) urgently to help hospitals face the coronavirus crisis as the situation in the coming days become "extremely intense" for healthcare services, it said on Friday.

Nurses union threatens industrial actions

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, MUMN, has announced the possibility of imminent industrial action. In a press statement, MUMN has also given an ultimatum, for the issues regarding meal allowances and the forms pertaining to speech-language pathologists to be addressed, to the Health Division, by the 21st February.

Steward Healthcare to cover legal expenses incurred for nurses

In a statement on Thursday, Steward Malta said that together with the Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses, they have come to an agreement which will see the immediate removal of directives currently in place within Steward Malta Hospitals.