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EU proposes overhaul on rules of public health

Under the proposals, the EU would be able to declare an EU-level public health emergency, which would in turn trigger more coordination among EU states.

Covid-19 could reverse decades of progress toward eliminating preventable child deaths...

The global community has come too far towards eliminating preventable child deaths to allow the COVID-19 pandemic to stop us in our tracks,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director.

Coronavirus health fears outweigh concern for economy – global survey

Overall, 67% of the 13,200-plus people interviewed between April 15 and April 23 agreed with the statement: "The government's highest priority should be saving as many lives as possible even if it means the economy will recover more slowly."

National Council of Women urge health authorities to allow partner in...

In its reflections on the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus in Malta, the National Council of Women said that several expectant mothers have reached out to voice their concern about the decision stressing that it was a source of great anxiety for the mothers-to-be and leaving the partners feeling deprived.

Should we wear a mask to go out of the house?

Dr Tanya Mlillo, Consultant in Public Health Medicine said that wearing a mask outside the house does not preclude anyone from social distancing and sanitizing.

EP to vote on a €3 billion emergency support for national...

The European Parliament is voting on new measures to mobilise €3 billion of targeted support for health care systems in EU regions that have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus.

UM pharmacy students to prepare hand rub for healthcare facilities

A group of pharmacy students, led by Doctorate in Pharmacy student, Ferdinand Ribo, coordinated the starting-up of an activity within the Pathology Department of Mater Dei Hospital in collaboration with the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit, to prepare hand rub for healthcare facilities.

Watch: People clapping on balconies for health workers

In a note which was circulated earlier, it urged the public to "ensure that this applause is loud and clear as a sign of appreciation for the valuable work they do with such courage and dedication".

EU to seek to boost local drugs production as coronavirus strains...

EU ministers said Europe needed to look into making sure it could supply itself with medicines and protective equipment

UĦM urges public to call OPM over industrial action at Steward’s...

The directives will be followed by UĦM members whether they are employed with the government or with Steward Health Care, as a sign of solidarity.