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Childcare centre in San Gwann welcomed 38 children since mid-March

During a visit to the childcare centre, Education Minister Owen Bonnici has thanked all those involved for swiftly changing the San Ġwann Primary School, which forms part of St Clare College, into a fully equipped childcare centre for the benefit of our healthcare professionals and members of disciplined forces, who are at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic.

Relaxation of measures will have economic benefits but health professionals might...

The Malta Medical Association (MAM) said that the relaxing of measures may in the short term have economic benefits, but on the other hand one cannot deny the presence of significant health risks where health care professional may be the ones to suffer most.

Six healthcare professionals offered residence at ŻAK House

The Maltese Catholic Action (AKM) has opened its doors for six healthcare professionals to use, free of charge. AKM said in a statement that ŻAK House is currently the residence of two radiographers, two physiotherapists, a nurse and a doctor and are being provided with all that they need.

Call for alternative accommodation for healthcare professionals

Many healthcare professionals especially those working on the frontline have moved out temporarily of their family home. This is being done to minimise the risk of exposing one's family to the virus after they are exposed to it at their place of work.