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Commonwealth hails Malta on its coronavirus handling response

The Commonwealth General Secretary congratulated Malta for doing the best in the whole of Europe by 'protecting the people, galvanising the quintessential Maltese energy and kept safe'.

Fearne urges EC to purchase COVID-19 vaccine once authorised

During a meeting with European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne encouraged the European Commission to prepare all the groundwork on joint procurement process to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as the vaccine is authorised.

External works on Victoria Health Centre ready by June

No estimates were given in parliament.

“Coronavirus will eventually hit Malta” – Fearne

The coronavirus will eventually hit Malta, said Health Minister Chris Fearne. But he was quick to add that Malta is well prepared for any eventuality. Fearne was interviewed by Peppi Azzopardi on Xarabank Friday evening. Minister Fearne said that Malta is not immune to the virus as we are part of the world and we are no different from other countries.

Coronavirus: No cases in Malta, isolation units being set up

No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Malta as yet, however, health authorities are preparing for every possible scenario. Outside Mater Dei Hospital an isolation unit for the early stages of coronavirus cases will be set up by the end of this week, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Wednesday during a press conference.

‘Unacceptable’ for Government to choose union – MUMN

The Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses has submitted an injunction to the courts, to stop the Government from negotiating a...

Mater Dei hospital to screen newborns for cardiac problems

All newborns at Mater Dei Hospital will be screened for heart defects and issues within 48 hours that they are born. The new cardiological...

Get your children vaccinated or face fine – German health minister

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has drawn up draft legislation to oblige parents to get their children vaccinated against measles or else face fines...

Mario Portelli’s parents thank Police and medical services

The parents of the former Police official Mario Portelli who was taken to Mount Carmel Hospital after publishing a number of videos online making...

Do you want a crematorium in Malta? Government asks the public

The Health Minister Chris Fearne and MP Rosianne Cutajar have launched a public consultation which would make cremation services legal in Malta.Malta is reportedly...