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Call for nominations for State Advocate published

A public call for the appointment of the second State Advocate was published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday.

8 NGOs struck off NGO register

The eight NGOs in question are Life Resources Foundation (VO/0244), Malta Human Rights Commission (NGO) (VO/0430), European Foundation for Freedom (VO/0469), Malta International Crisis Centre (VO/0526), Association of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal Imperial House of Obrenovitch (VO/0731), Selmun Residents Association (VO/1281), Foundation Live Today (VO/1414) and the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association Malta (WISTA MALTA) (VO/1067).

Call for applications for new AG published

The public call was published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday. Interested applicants have until 1pm on Wednesday 26 August to come forward.

Direct order grants Justyne Caruana ministerial salary lost through resignation

A government department has chosen to issue a direct order through which former Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana will receive €48,000 for a year’s worth of legal services; an amount roughly equivalent to the ministerial salary she renounced when she resigned last January.

Ramona Attard appointed on PA appeals board

NGO Repubblika has condemned the appointment of Ramona Attard as a member of the planning appeals board. In a press statement Repubblika said that Attard’s credentials are purely partisan. In the Malta Government Gazette it was announced that the former Labour journalist Ramona Attard, has been appointed as a member of the planning appeals board.

Watch: More than €127,000 in direct orders for ‘urgent landscaping’

The direct orders published were given between 1 July to 31 December 2019.

70 mobiles among lost items deposited with the Police

70 mobiles were among some 143 various objects that were found by the public and deposited with the Police during the period of July...

€50,000 direct order for inauguration of Mintoff”s monument

The list published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday provides a breakdown in the direct orders handed out in relation to the inauguration of...

Ramona Frendo nominated for EU Court amid dates mix-up

Lawyer Ramona Frendo is being nominated by the Government to serve as Malta’s Judge to the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg....