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Watch: Cabinet reshuffle only if in national interest, Abela says

Cabinet reshuffle will only happen if it is in the national interest, Prime Minister Robert Abela told reporters following a press conference in Marsa on Monday morning, without ruling out the possibility.

Government warns of possible disruption in administering flu vaccine following union...

The government said that the services will resume once the industrial action is called off

Visiting hours at Mount Carmel Hospital suspended

The decision comes after seven patients tested positive for coronavirus

The political situation is untenable say academics

The qualities of leadership and good governance have come under the spotlight again this week.

Government to financially assist shelter for expectant mothers

The shelter managed by the pro-life organisation is aimed at helping pregnant women who are in a problematic situation and choose life over abortion. The Ministry will be allocating €130,000 in funds over three years to the shelter.

Watch: Government MPs claim they didn’t know about early election

Some of the government MPs claimed that they were not aware that an early general election would take place in 2017. Newsbook.com.mt asked government MPs whether they were aware that a snap election would take place in 2017, back in 2016.

Unacceptable if Govt goes to Venice Commission before consulting with civil...

NGO Repubblika has stated that it is unacceptable that the Government allegedly plans on going to the Venice Commission with its proposal regarding the appointment of members of the Maltese Judiciary before consulting with civil society.

Govt cannot guarantee repatriation flights post 12th April

The Foreign Affairs Ministry, in a statement, said that Maltese nationals can return to Malta through flights from London Heathrow airport of the main airport in Frankfurt.

A gesture of goodwill – 500,000 surgical masks donated to ...

Massimo Malvestio was born and raised in Treviso Veneto. A lawyer by profession as well as a portfolio manager, he is a very well-known figure in Veneto.

Government urged to implement price controls

Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi urged the government to make use of its emergency powers to impose price controls, to prevent price gouging on essential items during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.