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€160,000 in funds for cultural societies

For the first time, funds of up to €160,000 will be issued to organisations related to culture, societies and feasts.

Hospice Malta to benefit from €1 million in funding

In a statement issued by the Ministry, it was explained that with the funding allocated Hospice Malta can continue providing psychological support towards family members of terminally ill patients. It can also continue investing in its employees to provide professional assistance.

Govt allocates funds to animal sanctuaries and NGOs

The government announced that funds have been allocated under the Animal Welfare Fund to continue helping animal sanctuaries so that they can invest in infrastructure and capital projects with the aim to improve their site facilities.

EP to hold an extraordinary plenary session

On Thursday, Parliament´s President and group leaders approved the proposal of European Parliament President, Davide Sassoli, to convene an extraordinary plenary session on Thursday, 26 March in Brussels.

Mayors of 15 major EU cities ask for funds to fight...

Mayors of 15 large European cities told European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that they could act faster than national governments and were less constrained by pressures from the fossil fuel industry.

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation donates funds to the Caritas Community Centre

Caritas' new centre will be located in Blata l-Bajda and it will hold all the community services under one roof.

€235,000 in funds to protect Gozitan beaches

"We need to ensure that our actions are sustainable and that the bay does not suffer from sand erosion," the Minister said.

European mayors urge EU to bypass governments in disbursing funds

The European Union should bypass national governments that flout democratic standards and deal directly with municipalities as they can perform "miracles" in areas such as climate change

Who’s getting the cash?

A cursory look at the line items of the financial estimates gives a good idea of the main winners in the annual race...

Germany to cut 35 million euros in funds to Brazil for...

Germany decided to suspend 35 million euros (32.6 million pounds) in funds sent to Brazil to finance projects aimed at preserving the Amazon forest...