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Construction workers claim they have not been paid for months

A group of around 80 construction workers have not been paid for some four months prompting them to strike, as they demanded their wage.

Malta’s Ambassador to Finland resigns after comparing Merkel to Hitler

Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo was quoted saying that Zammit Tabona had stepped down for his post and Malta is expected to apologise to Germany over the comments made. Speaking to Newsbook.com.mt, Bartolo did not confirm whether Zammit Tabona stepped down or was made to resign.

Maritime experts doubt Europa II’s ability to do the job

Experts in the maritime sector told Newsbook.com.mt that the ship Europa II, chartered by Government to house a group of 57 asylum seekers 13 nautical miles offshore, was until recently only licensed to navigate up to 4 nautical miles away from the coast. They added that it could be that Transport Malta changed this licence before the ship set sail. But they insisted that even if this was done, the ship, in their opinion, is not well equipped for such a mission, particularly if the sea turns rough.

Mayor is ‘lying’, Fortina Investments claims

In a statement on Sunday, Fortina Investment claimed that the mayor was conducting a misinformation and smear campaign. It warned that it reserved its right at law to take action in relation to the defamatory comments made to the press the day before.