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JCI Malta’s ‘Buy a Meal’ initiative raises over €10,000 in a...

When ‘Buy a Meal’ was launched on the 24th March, no one could have imagined the enormous impact that it would have on the community. In just seven days JCI Malta raised over €10,000 in donations for this worthy cause.

Island Insurance Brokers Ltd gives back to the community

Last month, the staff of Island Insurance Brokers Ltd embarked on a mission to spread more Christmas cheer by giving back to the community.

Why is the AG not securing evidence? – Omtzigt

Why has the Attorney General not enacted his powers ‘to secure evidence’ or to prevent ‘potential witnesses and suspects’ running?

How can you help with your leftover food?

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation has urged all those who buy extra food items which remain unopened after their holiday trip to donate them to the...

The Foodbank is here all year round, not just Christmas

It might be something about the time of year or the sentiment about the Christmas story, Reverend Kim Hurst of the St Andrews Church...