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MFSA warns of ‘clone company’ advertising financial services

An unknown entity has been impersonating a legitimate Malta-registered firm online to offer purported investment services to unsuspecting customers, the Malta Financial Services Authority warned.

MUBE signs joint declaration on employment aspects of providing financial services

The European Social Partners in the banking sector virtually signed a joint declaration titled ‘Employment Aspects of Providing Financial Services Including Guidance’ which will be disseminated to each European member state.

European Commission eyes a new anti-money laundering authority

An Action Plan which sets out concrete measures that the Commission will take over the next 12 months to better enforce, supervise and coordinate the EU's rules on combating money laundering and terrorist financing, was published on Thursday. The plan is aimed at shutting down any remaining loopholes and removing any weak links in the EU's rules.

MFSA issues warning about IbanFX Limited

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) issued a warning about people using the services of IbanFX Limited as it is not licenced by the authority.

MFSA warns of an unlicensed entity

The MFSA said that Edjowa Ltd is a Maltese registered Company, however, it is not licensed or authorised by the authority to provide any service under the Virtual Financial Assets Act or any other services which are required to be licensed or authorised under Maltese law.

Windfall tax is a short-sighted idea, Bankers’ Association says

The Malta Bankers' Association warned that windfall tax might have "devastating" repercussions on the economy and Malta's financial stability. The association said that it was seriously concerned about calls being made for windfall tax to be levied on the profits of banks, describing the idea as short-sighted.

MFSA expects licensed firms to have coronavirus contingency plans

The Malta Financial Services Authority said that it expects all licensed firms to have in place contingency and business continuity plans to address the economic and financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

MFSA warns of unregistered and unlicensed entity

The Malta Financial Services Authority, MFSA, has issued a notice to inform the public that the entity under the name Spring-FX is not a Maltese registered company and is not licensed or authorized by the MFSA to provide any financial services or Fintech services which are required to be licensed or otherwise authorized under Maltese law.

We must work to minimise financial crime, says MFSA top brass

The MFSA renewed its commitment to create opportunities to strengthen the engagement with stakeholders operating in the financial services industry

MFSA is aiming to become self-funded by 2024

The Malta Financial Services Authority is aiming to reform its financing model in order to become self-funded by 2024.The financial regulator published its strategic...