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Fearne’s Mea Culpa upstages Abela

Robert Abela was effectively upstaged by his deputy and erstwhile political rival Chris Fearne in his first parliamentary sitting as Prime Minister this morning, as the latter readily acknowledged the government’s failings while Dr Abela limited himself simply to confirm the resignation of Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana.

Watch: Refalo would be in my Cabinet – Fearne

Ex-Minister Anton Refalo expected to return to the Cabinet if Chris Fearne wins the internal election and becomes Prime Minister.

No more chiefs of staff – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said that if he is elected to the leadership post, he will remove the position of Chief of Staff from the Office of the Prime Minister.

Government help to parents of sick children increases

Over the past six years, €420,303 was spent by the government on a second airfare for parents accompanying sick minors.

Brexit will not affect operations at Mater Dei – Fearne

Brexit should not affect any operations made by UK consultants at Mater Dei Hospital, assured Health Minister Chris Fearne, as the cut-off date for...