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EU policy may put at risk 300 farmers’ livelihood

EPP MEP candidate Peter Agius voiced his concerns on the newly suggested agricultural policy reform. The suggested reform may cost the livelihood of 300 farmers.

Refalo laments people choosing plastic packaging over fresh produce

Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo argued that there was the need for a change in mentality in the way people purchased produce, lamenting that many overlooked the fresh produce of local farmers because it was not packaged as attractively as its supermarket counterparts.

Magħtab farmers suggest alternative sites for new waste facilities

A group of Magħtab farmers presented the government with a list of sites which, they argue, could host the planned waste treatment facilities at Magħtab whilst preventing the loss of agricultural land.

EU announces work scheme, aid for farmers, fishermen amid coronavirus pandemic

The Commission expects the EU to go into a deep recession this year because of the coronavirus outbreak, which has slowed economic activity to a crawl across the 27 members states.

Supporting local will guarantee a constant supply of fresh produce

Malta Dairy Products Ltd, part of the KPH Group Ltd., together with Għaqda Bdiewa Attivi and the Pig Breeders’ Cooperative Society Ltd are working towards the same goal; to ensure that food production in Malta carries on despite the current global uncertainty due to Covid19.

“We need a change in mentality” – Delia

Interviewed on Net FM on Saturday morning, PN Leader Adrian Delia expressed his support to the Magħtab Farmers who were protesting this morning to safeguard their fields from a proposed Wasteserv expansion project.

350 live off farming and fishing in Gozo

The latest available figures, tabled in Parliament by Employment Minister Owen Bonnici, show that there are 350 full-time farmers and fishermen living in Gozo. This represents just over 1% of the island’s population, estimated to be 33,388 at the start of 2019.

Chlorpyrifos-based products to be withdrawn from market

All plant products using chlorpyrifos as an active substance are being withdrawn from the market with immediate effect.This was announced by the Parliamentary Secretariat...

Freephone launched for fishermen and farmers

A freephone was set up to assist fishermen and farmers who were adversely impacted by the storm which battered the islands over the past...

Over 1,000 Gozo farmers to benefit from rural road repairs

Over 1,000 farmers will benefit from improved rural road access across Gozo, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, Clint Camilleri, has said.On...