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PA suspends excavation, demolition work in tourist areas

Excavation and demolition work will not be allowed between 1 July and 30 September in tourist areas.

Ħamrun building collapse: Worker warns colleague to remain mum on equipment...

The compilation of evidence against four individuals who have been accused of Pace's death through negligence and involuntarily damaging third-party property, started on Thursday morning.

PA approves 16-storey residential tower in Tigné Point

The new development will be built within an already excavated site. The structure consists of 4 basement levels, which will include 81 parking spaces and 17 floor levels, with 7 receding levels, providing 63 residential units.

Building collapse: Repubblika demands Minister Borg’s resignation

Repubblika said that it cannot be that the government never assumes responsibility for its shortcomings even when such shortcomings have fatal consequences.

Watch: ‘It felt like an earthquake’

A woman living on the same road as the victim said that she was having her siesta when she heard the sound, immediately thinking that it was an earthquake. She emerged out of her balcony to find a lot of police officers on site. The first thing after the sound, was the sound of sirens.

The construction industry will not enjoy impunity – Abela

Abela insisted that no one will enjoy impunity. He also confirmed that four people were arrested over the collapse which led to the death of Miriam Pace, 54, of Ħamrun. The incident happened around 2.15pm when the family home collapsed due to excavation works on an adjacent site.

‘Quality of our construction standards need to be raised immediately’ –...

The Malta Chamber of Commerce said that it believes that the ethical standards and quality of the construction industry need to be raised immediately...