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No safety unless all are safe – Minister Bartolo

Minister for Foreign Affairs Evarist Bartolo said that no country will be safe unless all the world is safe

Maltese ministers meet with Libyan president, ministers in Tripoli

Several meetings have been held between Maltese and Libyan bodies in 2020.

Minister expresses concern about UK’s Maltese community post-Brexit

Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo expressed his concern that thousands of Maltese nationals living in the UK risked losing many of the rights they have enjoyed as European citizens once Brexit becomes final at the end of the year.

Time to change the way we behave towards Africa, says Minister...

The EU Development Ministerial debate focused on how the EU can best partner with Africa in a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Egypt announces Malta agrees on resumption of direct flights

Malta and Egypt have agreed on the resumption of direct flights between the two nations in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Bartolo insists NGOs should take rescued asylum seekers to their own...

The charge that humanitarian NGOs involved in the rescue of migrants and asylum seekers in the Mediterranean are in cahoots with human traffickers is a popular one among far-right politicians, but Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo has chosen to make it his own.

KNŻ calls for release of detained protestors in Belarus

This comes ahead of the EU informal meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers

Bartolo dismisses claims Turkey seeking use of Malta airbase

Speculation that Turkey wants to use Malta as an airbase to help provide military support to the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Libya have been dismissed as “rubbish,” by Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo in an interview with the Financial Times.

Malta welcomes Libya ceasefire

Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo welcomed the ceasefire announced by the two rival governments in Libya as he hosted a meeting with a delegation from the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord on Sunday.

Malta expresses concern over developments in Belarus

Belarus has been gripped by protests after President Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in what the country's opposition, the European Union and the United States have called an unfair election.