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G20 leaders back ‘equitable’ global access to COVID-19 vaccines

The two-day summit began on Saturday, as international efforts continue to intensify for a large-scale rollout of coronavirus vaccines.

Hungary, Poland block EU Covid-19 recovery package linked to rule of...

Hungary and Poland had already declared that they would block the both the budget and recovery fund due to the rule of law scheme which could see the EU cut funds for countries found not to be upholding the rule of law.

Investment through EU’s Cohesion Policy delivers growth and prosperity to Maltese...

Among the success stories of the European Union throughout its history was the improvement in prosperity across the continent but also the reduction of disparities between its member states and regions.

EU funds made life easier for Gozitans and island hoppers

Since Malta joined the EU in 2004, Gozitans and millions of other visitors, both Maltese and tourists, have experienced an upgrade in the facilities of the journey to cross the five-kilometre sea stretch separating the two islands.

EP adopts proposals on how is best to regulate Artificial Intelligence

The European Parliament is among the first institutions to put forward recommendations on what AI rules should include with regards to ethics, liability and intellectual property rights.

Watch: EU to take legal action against Malta over ‘golden passport’...

This was announced by the Commission's Vice President Maroš Šefčovičmeta who said that infringement procedures would be launched against the two countries on Tuesday.

‘Justice must be secured without any political interference’ – von der...

The European Commission president underlined that justice must be secured through the ongoing investigation and public inquiry without any political interference.

A contingency plan is needed in case of a no-deal Brexit,...

The bloc is currently negotiating the trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

Tourism: Malta joins other member states in asking for coordination

Malta and 8 other EU member states are asking for better coordination between member states to restart tourism in the EU, following the pandemic halting travel.

EU in radical reform of migration policy – mandatory redistribution of...

While the new system is based on cooperation and flexible forms of support starting off on a voluntary basis, more stringent contributions will be required at times of pressure on individual Member States, based on a safety net