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ERA publishes codes of good practice to mitigate invasive species

Activties include fishing, landscaping, and hunting

Going green may seem expensive but gives long term business boost...

The Authority said it believes that SMEs have a very important role to play in protecting the environment, and although going green may seem expensive at first, in the longer term, it can certainly boost their business by rendering it more efficient, increase their business credibility, their competitiveness in their respective sectors as well as generate new markets.

84 bird skins found in post

The parcel was screened by the canine unit at the MaltaPost sorting facility when one of the sniffer dogs, Stan, reacted positively to the large parcel.

ERA launches platform which makes it easier for the public to...

The system is an online client interface which enables the public to apply, follow and review their applications in a transparent and efficient manner.

Old carob trees to be removed to make way for new...

During the past few days Dingli residents, farmers and Moviment Graffitti have appealed to the government to stop the construction of a planned road and to preserve the locality’s cultural, environmental and agricultural heritage.

Turtle nests: a total of 320 hatchlings this season

Out of the seven nests, three went unreported up until the time of hatching.

Għadira turtle nest registers low success rate

Only 17 eggs from the said nest hatched, with a success rate of 20.5%.

Watch: 16 turtles hatch in Għadira, more expected in coming days

The nest will continue to be monitored.

Turtle hatchlings found dead in nest in Marsaskala

Nature Trust Malta and ERA were alerted by Red Cross but unfortunately, the nest contained recently-dead hatchlings.

MDA calls for tougher penalties aimed to protect natural heritage

MDA which has described the markings as shocking environmental damage said that this latest example of immediate action shows how collaboration and cooperation yields results.