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7 candidates for Miriam Dalli’s seat in EP

7 nominations have been presented for Miriam Dalli's seat in the European parliament.

EP adopts proposals on how is best to regulate Artificial Intelligence

The European Parliament is among the first institutions to put forward recommendations on what AI rules should include with regards to ethics, liability and intellectual property rights.

Watch: EP launches Caruana Galizia Prize for Journalism on anniversary of...

The annual award ceremony will take each year around the anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death.

EU Parliament approves candidate for post of EU banking watchdog boss

The decision overturns the negative opinion expressed in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee last week

EU to ease rules to encourage banks to lend to...

The MEPs agreed on specific temporary changes to the CRR, which will have to be coherently applied in the EU with the aim of striking a balance between a robust and stable banking system and securing much-needed credit for the EU economy.

Agius Saliba elected Co-chair of S&D40

He was elected Co-chair of a network which coordinates specific policies for young people

Truly united within diversity

Casa and Sassoli exemplify the European motto

“Once bitten, twice shy: no motor racing circuit, no EP vote”

6 years ago the Labour Party tried to deceive the motor sport followers by an ambiguous electoral promise.  It did not promise to develop...