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Watch: Dalli defends Enemalta staff, “power restored within 40 minutes”

Most of Malta and Gozo experienced a blackout Saturday evening

Enemalta seeking compensation for higher costs resulting from interconnector damage

Enemalta’s insurer has paid for the damage caused to the interconnector last December but the corporation is now seeking to recoup the indirect costs of that damage, according to Energy Minister Michael Farrugia.

In wake of power cuts, Enemalta insists distribution network is sufficient

Enemalta blamed the recent power cuts on damage in a number of high-tension cables making part of its distribution network, but clarified that this network was sufficient to meet all the country’s demands.

Minister pledges to publish Montenegro windfarm contract

Energy Minister Michael Farrugia has pledged to publish the controversial deal through which Enemalta acquired a Montenegrin windfarm, a deal believed to have led to Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech making millions through his secret company 17 Black.

Power cut due to fault at Delimara power plant

Enemalta plc in a Facebook status informed that certain difficulties were encountered within the electric supply system; "This resulted in shedding which led to disruptions in the electricity supply in some areas around the country," the company said.

“We need a second interconnector” – PN

The Opposition is stressing on the need for a second interconnector.

Power cuts across Malta and Gozo; again

A number of localities across Malta and Gozo are suffering a power outage.

Possibility of more power cuts due to “limitations” – Enemalta

Enemalta suggested that the damage inflicted and possible future damage results from a fault in the cable between Malta and Sicily.

Enemalta appoints new chairman and deputy chairman

Mr. Kevin Chircop and Mr. Sheng Baojie were appointed as the Enemalta plc.’s new Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively.The new appointments were announced during...

Tonio Fenech to pay €7,500 in damages over oil scandal accusations

The three directors of Intershore fiduciary Services Ltd won €7,500 between them, in a libel case against former Minister Tonio Fenech.Lawyer Martin Fenech, Joseph...