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Watch: Malta wants to be among first EU states to enforce...

The legal regulations which are yet to be proposed will introduce more flexibility for employers and employees alike, while also benefiting the country's economic competitiveness.

6.6% increase in full-time employment registered in January 2020

Data shows that when January 2020 is compared to January 2019, the highest increase in employment was brought about by administrative and support service activities and construction with 2,804 and 2,051 respectively.

Estonia closes schools, bans public events over coronavirus

"To minimise the larger damage to the economy and to speed recovery from the crises, we are ready to further stimulate the economy from the budget," Finance Minister Martin Helme told a news conference.

EU forecasts strong economic growth for Malta

The EU’s economic forecast for Malta is the highest for 2020. In the Autumn Forecast 2019 report, the EU Commission expects Malta’s economic growth in 2020 to be at 4.2% and at 3.8% in the following year.

Most industrial disputes are amicably resolved says government data

Over the past 33 months, the Industrial Relations Department registered 72 cases of industrial dispute, averaging 2 disputes a month.

More females in fixed-term contracts and PT employment in 2018

There were more females in fixed term contracts and part-time employment than males in 2018, new figures show.According to...

U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing gay, transgender employment rights case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday began hearing arguments in a major LGBT rights dispute over whether a landmark decades-old federal anti-discrimination...

Less part time workers in accommodation and food sector – NSO

Fewer part timers are working in accommodation and food Services in the last two years, new figures show.According to...

Real estate activities decrease by 31%; wages increase – NSO

In the second quarter of 2019, real estate activities decreased by 31.7% when compared to the same period of 2018, statistics from the National...

Energy industry jobs and hours down, days and wages up

The energy industry recorded an increase of 8.5% in the number working days within the Working Day Industrial Turnover, higher than any other sector.This...