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Polish priest puts up giant solar cross in climate fight

By night, the 40-foot-tall cross on the Catholic church in central Poland offers a neon light show of blue, red or purple. By day, the cross produces the electricity to power the church's lighting, heating and air conditioning.

Watch: People should not suffer due to the corrupt Electrogas deal...

The Nationalist Party holding a press conference on the latest COVID-19 developments.

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The Nationalist Party addressing a press conference on the coronavirus situation in Malta and Gozo.

Power back on, but thousands still homeless, in quake-hit Puerto Rico

Nearly 5,000 people left homeless by a series of quakes in addition to hundreds if not thousands more people who are sleeping outside their homes.

Power cut due to fault at Delimara power plant

Enemalta plc in a Facebook status informed that certain difficulties were encountered within the electric supply system; "This resulted in shedding which led to disruptions in the electricity supply in some areas around the country," the company said.

Interconnector was severed by an anchor – Enemalta

The survey by the Polar King managed to locate the point of damage on the interconnector cable between Malta and Sicily.

Yet another blackout; “electricity back to normal” – Enemalta

Yesterday evening, a number of localities across Malta and Gozo suffered a power outage. However, the situation improved in mere minutes.

Malta relies on Sicily for electricity because it is cheaper –...

Reuters reported the national power cut which Malta suffered today.

Possibility of more power cuts due to “limitations” – Enemalta

Enemalta suggested that the damage inflicted and possible future damage results from a fault in the cable between Malta and Sicily.

Extensive power cuts all over Malta and Gozo

Extensive power cuts around Malta and Gozo