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Libyan elections to be held by December 2021

Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Libya are to be held by 24th December 2021.

Trump eyes return to campaign rallies

The American President said that he was likely to take another test on Friday.

MP Ivan Bartolo to give up his parliamentary seat for Bernard...

“My seat in parliament was entrusted to me by the constituents of the 9th district. This is a privilege I would never take for granted,” said Bartolo.

PN Administrative and Executive Committees to meet tomorrow

The Administrative Committee and the Executive Committee of the Nationalist Party (PN) are to meet tomorrow.

Marco Bonnici re-elected MUT President

The union said that the full composition of the new Council will be issued in due course.

India’s New Delhi heads to vote amid protests against citizenship law

The election comes as India's economic growth is at its slowest in six years, and amid strong opposition to the law which makes it easier for non-Muslim persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries to become Indian citizens.

Vox Pop: Robert Abela or Chris Fearne?

Today members of PL elect a new leader

No time for experiments – Robert Abela

Dr Robert Abela said that Saturday’s choice has to be about the continuation of a tried and tested recipe which proved successful or risk a new recipe which might give better or worse results.

CEO says the PL would never give away personal data

A number of voters received phone calls about their preferred candidate

17,500 eligible to vote for new party leader

Vote of thanks to PM Joseph Muscat