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Government launches port charges refund scheme

The €2.08 million scheme which will be administered by Transport Malta was announced on Wednesday.

Watch: Air Malta cabin crew forfeit rights for job retention

"The cabin crew have understood the current situation sparked by the coronavirus, and have opted to give up crucial rights among which is the take home pay," Schembri said. He added that they will be paid against the hours worked and this would make the company's operation more sustainable while offering a competitive advantage for the national airline.

Face masks to be sold at capped prices after deal reached...

In a statement on Monday evening, the Malta Chamber of SMEs explained that the compensation package will make up for any losses that pharmacy owners may incur due to wholesale purchases made by them at prices that would not allow them to sell at the new announced price.

“Ill-thought and half-baked solutions are unacceptable” – Malta Chamber of SMEs

Malta should brace itself for mass layoffs, business closures and unemployment.

Photos: Coal and scandals on Ministries’ doorsteps

"Christmas might be a time of celebration for many, but it is also a time of reflection, a time to contemplate the constitutional crisis that Malta is currently going through," the statement reads.