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DBRS predicts ‘deep’ but ‘temporary’ recession in Malta due to coronavirus...

The credit rating agency confirmed Malta's rating at A (High) and the trend on all ratings is 'Stable'.

Government failed to announce special incentives for Gozo businesses – PN

The Gozitan Opposition MPs called on the Government to consider financial measures which are specifically designed to help the local economy in Gozo, ensuring that jobs are safeguarded.

Discontent bubbles in Spain even though coronavirus cases wane

In recent days protesters have gathered outside the homes of ministers including Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos and the home shared by Vice President Pablo Iglesias and Equality Minister Irene Montero.

PN presents economic recovery plan

The Nationalist Party has put forward its proposals for a post-coronavirus economic recovery plan, and is calling for the setting up of a taskforce to ensure that every stakeholder ends up pulling the same rope.

MEA launch comprehensive manual for employers

The manual includes guidance on employment issues related to the coronavirus.

EU approves €350 million Maltese State aid scheme to support economy

will enable public guarantees on loans to support the Maltese economy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Maltese economy expected to shrink by 10%

Malta’s GDP is likely to fall by 10% this year as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said in Parliament this afternoon.

Estonia closes schools, bans public events over coronavirus

"To minimise the larger damage to the economy and to speed recovery from the crises, we are ready to further stimulate the economy from the budget," Finance Minister Martin Helme told a news conference.

Building collapse: This happened for someone to line their pockets –...

"Should we replace Malta's natural beauty with blocks of concrete and more money? Is it really worth to get richer at the expense of the younger generations that cannot make ends meet due to the high rents and expensive real estate?" Archbishop Scicluna asked.

Opposition warns government revenue threatened by economic slowdown

PN finance spokesman Mario de Marco warns that an economic slowdown may impact government revenues.