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Biden names his female-led top economic policy team

This team looks like America and brings seriousness of purpose. - Biden

“Brexit deal must be reached prior to 31st December” – Malta...

The Malta Chamber and the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) are calling on the EU and UK Government to reach an agreement prior to the end of the Brexit transition period. The period ends on December 31st.

“It will be difficult to go back to surplus” – Economist

“If by March the Covid situation is brought under control, I think that the public finances may start to recuperate, over a period two to three years to decrease the deficit to 2-3%. It will be difficult for us to go back into a surplus.”

S&P forecast Malta’s economic recovery in 2021-2022

According to the international financial experts eventhough the pandemic will leave a negative impact on the economy, it will not lead to a significant and structural damage for Malta. A&P Global ratings said that there are various factors which will lead to a robust reconomic recovery in 2021-2022.

I am against Abortion and Euthanasia – Bernard Grech

PN leadership hopeful Dr Bernard Grech was very explicit in his defence of life. “I am against abortion and euthanasia,” he said when meeting Newsbook.com.mt as part of a round of newsrooms this leadership candidate is carrying out.

DBRS predicts ‘deep’ but ‘temporary’ recession in Malta due to coronavirus...

The credit rating agency confirmed Malta's rating at A (High) and the trend on all ratings is 'Stable'.

Government failed to announce special incentives for Gozo businesses – PN

The Gozitan Opposition MPs called on the Government to consider financial measures which are specifically designed to help the local economy in Gozo, ensuring that jobs are safeguarded.

Discontent bubbles in Spain even though coronavirus cases wane

In recent days protesters have gathered outside the homes of ministers including Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos and the home shared by Vice President Pablo Iglesias and Equality Minister Irene Montero.

PN presents economic recovery plan

The Nationalist Party has put forward its proposals for a post-coronavirus economic recovery plan, and is calling for the setting up of a taskforce to ensure that every stakeholder ends up pulling the same rope.

MEA launch comprehensive manual for employers

The manual includes guidance on employment issues related to the coronavirus.