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Magnitude 5.7 quake hits Turkey-Iran border area

An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 struck the Turkey-Iran border region early on Sunday, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said, although Turkey and Iran said there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Big earthquake shakes Miami and Caribbean, damage minor

In Miami, Florida, several downtown buildings were evacuated as office workers streamed outdoors to safety.

Rescuers pull dozens from rubble as Turkey quake death toll hits...

Broadcasters showed footage of a 35-year old woman and her infant daughter being rescued from under the rubble 28 hours after the magnitude 6.8 quake struck Elazig province.

Decade after Haiti’s big quake, president says aid system needs overhaul

International organizations pledged billions of dollars in aid after the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010.

6.6 earthquake strikes off Puerto Rico

It was super strong. I could hear the vibrations everywhere." one witness located 14 km (nine miles) from the epicentre said.

4.3 magnitude earthquake in Albania

A new earthquake of magnitude 4.3 struck Albania on Thursday evening.

New Zealand scales down search for two missing after deadly eruption

Those still missing, presumed dead, are Winona Langford, a 17-year-old Australian, and Hayden Marshall-Inman, a 40-year-old New Zealand tour guide. Their bodies are believed to be in the waters around the island.

Philippines hunts for survivors after quake levels trade building

The powerful earthquake killed at least three people and wounded dozens more.

Strong quake causes damage, injuries in southern Philippines

The region was shaken by four powerful quakes in October and November, which together killed at least 20 people.

Albania seeks arrests for quake deaths in collapsed buildings

Prosecutors issued 17 warrants in total, police said. Two of the nine people detained on Saturday on murder charges were the owners of two hotels that collapsed, killing four people in Durres, Albania's second-biggest city and main port.