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Five arrests in three anti-drug squad operations

One person was imprisoned, 4 being investigated on possession and trafficking of drugs

Pandemic should not discourage people from seeking treatment for drug addiction

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to fewer people are seeking help for drug addiction, even though the pandemic may have made drug abuse a bigger problem, OASI Foundation chief executive Noel Xerri said.

Two arrested following Cospicua drug find

The operation was conducted by the Drugs Squad which was assisted by the Rapid Intervention Unit.

Man arrested after drug find in Marsalforn

The 33-year-old man will be arraigned in court on Friday.

Man jailed four years over stealing of battery vehicles to fund...

A 31-year-old man has been jailed for three years and seven months after admitting in court to stealing of battery vehicles.

Man jailed six months for cannabis possession

The man admitted the charges brought against him

Costa Rica seizes five tons of cocaine bound for Holland in...

The authorities on Saturday found the cocaine in Costa Rica's Caribbean port of Limon, stashed inside a shipping container of decorative canopy plants bound for the Netherlands.

Weeding out fakes? Lisbon tourism at threat from ‘drug’ dealers

Preliminary figures released at the end of last year showed Portugal welcomed a record of 26 million tourists in 2019, with around a third visiting Lisbon. Data from the World Travel and Tourism Council showed that the total contribution of travel and tourism to Portugal's GDP reached 19.1% in 2018.

Courts to get greater discretion in drug cultivation cases

The courts are set to be given greater discretion when it comes to dealing with people found to be cultivating cannabis, to prevent the jailing of people in cases where it is manifestly obvious that this cultivation is for one’s personal use.

Violent man carrying drugs arrested

Violent man acting violently in St Julian's gets arrested and injures the Sergeant lightly during arrest