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Siblings kept under arrest over Cospicua drug trafficking charges

In total, three men and a woman, aged between 20 to 26 years old, were arrested

Three youths arrested after transporting 23kg of cannabis

They were unloading boxes from a fishing boat that had just arrived at the shore.

Amount of distributed syringes suggests high injecting drug use

Estimates on the rate of injecting drug use in Malta have not been made available in the latest European Drug Report, but if the number of syringes distributed is any indication, the rate may be considerably higher than the European average.

Lifetime use of cannabis in Malta second-lowest in EU

This information was extracted from this year's European Drug Report.

Over 9kgs of cocaine found in passenger’s luggage at airport

A friend accompanying the passenger was also found with a small amount of cannabis and Ecstacy.

Youth arrested after police find cocaine

The police approached him and following a search found sachets suspected cocaine, cash and several mobile phones.

Alleged packets of drugs found in public gardens

Ħamrun District Police found small packets in Spencer and Belvedere Gardens in Marsa, possibly containing traces of illegal substances. This was during inspections being carried out during the night in public gardens, and the streets of Ħamrun and Marsa.

Five arrests in three anti-drug squad operations

One person was imprisoned, 4 being investigated on possession and trafficking of drugs

Pandemic should not discourage people from seeking treatment for drug addiction

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to fewer people are seeking help for drug addiction, even though the pandemic may have made drug abuse a bigger problem, OASI Foundation chief executive Noel Xerri said.

Two arrested following Cospicua drug find

The operation was conducted by the Drugs Squad which was assisted by the Rapid Intervention Unit.