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People not wearing face masks cannot be reported on 119

Readers who have spoken to Newsbook.com.mt said that they have used the number which was publicized by the health authorities to report instances when a person was seen without a mask in a public place and another person was breaching quarantine rules.

New measures likely to be effective, but not immediately – Dr...

The new measures announced today to contain the spread of Covid-19 are likely to be effective since they target two main contributors to the alarming rise in active cases recorded in recent weeks, according to public health consultant Tanya Melillo.

Watch: ‘We cannot keep up’ – Public Health Consultant

Newsbook.com.mt will be joining Dr Tanya Melillo, Consultant on Public Health every week to give updates on the current situation and advise on the best ways to fight the Pandemic.

Newsbook Q&A with Dr Tanya Melillo on Thursday

Dr Melillo will answer all your queries about COVID-19. If you have any questions to ask Dr Melillo send them on ask@newsbook.com.mt

Watch: ‘We’ve assumed that migrants understand our health system’ – Dr...

We have been making a lot of assumptions about migrants and their understanding of our healthcare system, Dr Tanya Melillo tells Newsbook.com.mt.When asked about...

Watch: “Can I phone my mother to tell her I’m alive?”

Young migrants making the journey to Europe will spend weeks, months or years separated from their family. According to Dr Melillo, a phonecall home is the first thing they ask for when they disembark. It helps reassure worrying mothers that they're safe she says.

Watch: ‘Every boat has its own story’ – Dr Tanya Melillo

‘Every boat has its own story,’ Dr Tanya Melillo, Head of Malta’s Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit, tells Newsbook.com.mt.Since 2008, Dr Melillo has...