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The ‘biggest’ donation ever?

However, a look into recent donations reveals that this is not the case. Business mogul Paul Gauci had donated an estimated market value of €7 million worth of shares to five charitable foundations last year.

Dar Bjorn donations reach €1 million

Find out how to donate here.

Virtu Ferries donates food trailer to Caritas Malta

Virtu Ferries have donated a 40ft trailer of essential food items to Caritas, for distribution to those in need as it sees fit.

Mistra accident victim’s family from Australia collects money to come for...

His children and grandchildren would like to have the money to be able to come to Malta and bid him the final goodbye.

Mapfre Malta records its socially responsible activities

Mapfre Malta has published a record of its social initiatives over 2019

Watch: “An event which brought everyone together” – Auxiliary Bishop

This year the marathon raised a record sum of over €1.3 million

Urgent call for blood donations

The National Blood Transfusion Unit is urgently calling all healthy individuals for blood donations on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Over €1.6m raised for Puttinu Cares

Over €1.6m has been raised for the children’s cancer charity Puttinu Cares.The total sum of €1,688,209 was raised through fundraising and donations from those...

Watch: Help students participate in a robotics competition in Dubai

A group of five MCAST students are appealing for donations in aim of representing Malta in an IT and robotics competition taking place in Dubai....

Help the FWA secure the purchase of two tanks

"During World War II, Malta had a small tank force made up from five types of British tanks - Matilda, Vickers Light Tank, Cruiser...