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Fears rise about armed protests during Biden’s inauguration

Security officials are resolute in their efforts that there will be no repeat of the scenes of last week.

Trump’s Twitter account permanently suspended

Twitter has permanently suspended the account of Donald Trump, citing his repeated violations of the company's rules and risks including the “further incitement of violence”.

USA: The only woman on death row may face execution

Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on death row, maybe executed deemed a US appeals court. The inmate would be the first woman to be put to death in almost 70 years.

Trump signs pandemic aid and spending package

With his signature, Trump averted a federal government shutdown in a crisis of his own making.

Trump vetoes spending bill which would rename Confederate-linked military bases

US President Donald Trump has vetoed a $740 billion spending bill that was approved by the US Congress earlier this month, insisting that the bill was “unconstitutional.”

Trump to leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote

"This election was a fraud," Trump insisted, while offering no concrete evidence of such voting irregularities.

Trump accepts that a formal transition to Biden can begin

The news came after the official certification of Biden’s victory in the state of Michigan.

Biden on the brink of securing win

CNN has reported that airspace over Biden's home has been restricted after "national defense airspace" has been put in place over his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Chill, Donald, Chill

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg may have delivered what is to be the risposte of the century.

Joe Biden takes the lead in Georgia

This might be a turning point