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Public consultation: Service standards for domestic violence victims

A set of standards for residential services as well as community services for victims of domestic violence have been published for public consultation, where the public is encouraged to take part.

Commission on domestic violence launches educational campaign

The new campaign #intkapaċi #youcan will continue to educate the public and empower individuals who are experiencing abuse and violence by people close to them.

COVID-19 made victims of domestic abuse more vulnerable

COVID-19 accentuated vulnerability of a number of society’s cohorts.

Authorities share NGOs’ concern on domestic violence surge

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri confirmed that the government and the police force were concerned about a likely surge in domestic violence brought about by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as measures aiming to limit the transmission of the virus lead to people spending more time at home.

Coronavirus is stifling the cries of domestic violence victims

Pope Francis, Monday morning, during his daily Mass in Casa Santa Martha, prayed for families closed up in their homes because of the pandemic.

Health worker accused of harassing ex requests bail for ‘essential service’

A health worker accused of setting fire to his ex’s garage door insisted that he should be granted bail as he could be considered an “essential worker” in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Victims of domestic violence should file reports – Auxiliary Bishop

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi focussed his thoughts on how Catholics could be of service to the community in this coronavirus pandemic.

Isolation allows for the tightening of control by abusers

Mounting data from various countries suggests that domestic abuse is acting like an opportunistic infection, and that it is flourishing in the conditions created by the pandemic. While statistics on Malta are not available yet, a rise in domestic violence is expected in this period.

State failed to protect domestic violence victim

The court found that the repetitive failure by the police to protect the woman was in breach of her fundamental right to respect for private and family life and the right not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment.

Surge in violence against women

“Horrifying global surge in domestic violence”