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Deaths caused by obesity in Malta lower than EU average

In his reply to a parliamentary question by PN MP Ivan Bartolo, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne quoted figures published by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

2 more deaths due to Covid-19

Another 2 persons have died after being found positive for Covid-19.

Two elderly succumb to COVID-19

These are the 63rd and 64th death linked to the pandemic in Malta.

Nearly 1 million people died of COVID-19

Preventing another million from dying from the virus will only be possible if countries use all the tools available.

Sweden tops Europe COVID-19 deaths per capita over last seven days

Sweden, which has opted for a more open strategy in combating the virus than other European countries, has the highest number of deaths in Europe per capita from the COVID-19 disease over the last seven days.

Man dies after motorcycle crash in St Julians

A biker, 39 from Birkirkara, died early Thursday morning after he was involved in a traffic accident in St Julians. Another biker was also involved in the accident and is fighting for his life.

Twelve deaths? No problem, just blacks

Can you imagine what dying of thirst means?

Shellshocked Spain reports record 832 new coronavirus deaths

Second only to Italy in fatalities, Spain also saw infections rise to 72,248 on Saturday from 64,059 the day before.

Coronavirus cases exceed 85,000 worldwide

The total number of people affected by coronavirus worldwide has risen to 85,406, according to the map which shows the latest updates on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Irish court allows appeal against extradition for Vietnamese truck deaths

An Irish court on Wednesday granted a lorry driver leave to challenge his extradition to the UK in connection with the deaths of 39 Vietnamese people found in the back of a truck near London last year, his lawyer said.