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Germany warns Turkey to stop provocation in Eastern Mediterranean

Maas said that Turkey has to end the interplay between detente and provocation if the government is interested in talks.

Leak implicates Cypriot politicians in sale of EU passports to criminals

An investigation by Al Jazeera has revealed how Cypriot politicians, lawyers and real estate companies have been involved in the sale of EU passports to non-EU citizens with criminal records in the wake of the “Cyprus Papers” leak of 1,400 documents on the island country’s golden passport scheme.

Cyprus’ EU citizenship sales scheme is a significant security risk for...

Referring to an investigative report published by Al Jazeera, Giegold said that what had been feared for a long time has now been confirmed.

East Med dispute should be resolved through dialogue, Bartolo says

Turkey, Cyprus and Greece can end the dispute through dialogue, Minister for Foreign Affairs Evarist Bartolo said.

GO subsidiary in Cyprus first foreign registered company to issue and...

Cablenet Communications Systems plc is the first foreign registered company to have issued €40 million worth of bonds locally.

As arrivals rise, Cyprus intercepts boat with 101 on board

Cyprus intercepted a vessel carrying 101 Syrians off its coast on Tuesday, police said, one of the largest arrivals of refugees from the neighbouring country in recent months.

Cyprus investigating corruption in its ‘Golden Passports’ scheme

Cyprus is investigating corruption charges related to its "golden passport" program, which grants citizenship to foreigners who invest $2.2 million or more in real estate or local business.

Malta and SouthEU states sign MOU on digital technologies

Malta and six fellow South European states have today agreed to cooperate on building their digital sectors.The efforts will...

Photos: Blasts rock Cyprus ammunition depot, some slightly injured-minister

Blasts rocked an ammunition depot in northern Cyprus on Thursday after a fire broke out in a military zone, with shattered glass slightly injuring...

Gov’t investment in Malta’s courts increased by €9m in decade to...

Investment in Malta’s law courts has only increased by €9 million in the period between 2007 and 2017, new figures show.This increase is recorded...